Water Treatment Experts in Central PA

Our Goal is to offer superior water treatment products and solutions to the homeowners, businesses, and organizations around the country that exceed their expectations for product quality and affordable pricing.

Since 1993, Filson Water, LLC has offered only the purest water solutions to the entirety of Central Pennsylvania. As a locally owned company, we take pride in supporting our economy with high-quality US manufactured products at affordable prices. We hire locally and ship our water treatment products nationally.

The Purest Bottled Water In The World

The quality of our water is the number one reason to choose Filson Water. We manufacture our own state of the art purification and water treatment systems, which include carbon tanks, water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, 3 various micron screen filters, an ultra violet light system and we add ozonation twice to keep our water fresh. Filson Water's TDS (total dissolved solids) is a consistent 7 or fewer parts per million (PPM), our competition’s water can range from 80PPM all the way to 400PPM. Meaning, there is more lime, calcium, iron and other dissolved solids in their water. This makes our water the purest available in the USA and beyond!

Our Team

Rob Filson - President
Barry Losh - Executive Vice President, Commercial and Industrial Sales
Jeff Kintz - VP of Sales/Marketing
Denise Filson - Secretary & Treasurer
Dana Heberlig - General Manager
Justin Hable - Service Technician


Deionized Water For Labs & Hospitals

Filson Water, LLC is doing our part to ensure that all of the labs and hospitals in the Central Pennsylvania area have 100% pure water, free of salts and ionized minerals. Deionized water brings a whole new level of water purity to hospitals and labs where it is critical to operations, and can be beneficial to:
  • Labs & Hospitals
  • Spot-Free Rinse
  • Manufacturing
  • Forklift Batteries