Water Treatment Saving You Money in Central PA

Filson Water, LLC is Central Pennsylvania's leading source for pure high-quality water. We are the trusted water treatment solutions provider for homeowners, businesses, and organizations.

Water Treatment Solutions

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Conditioners & Softeners
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UV Light Disinfection
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Reverse Osmosis Systems
Filson Water, LLC focuses on one thing: Bringing You The World's Best Water! Our products are specially designed and manufactured with you and your family in mind. Our AquaPro products offer a variety of benefits for any family with unique needs for cleaner water. Our water treatment products are affordable, high quality, and reach a whole new level of water purity.


Our Bottled Water Process

The Reverse osmosis water passes through two granular carbon filters and a carbon briquette cartridge for additional polishing of taste and odor, and before being stored finally passes through a stainless steel ultraviolet light for bacteria disinfection.

Our water is then stored in a 5,000 gallon polypropylene sealed holding tank that has a .2 air bacteria filter to eliminate airborne bacteria. As the water in the tank recirculates, we ozonize to between 0.1 and 0.4 mg/l for complete disinfected water, and finally filling our three and five gallon bottles.


Brand Your Own Bottle

No matter what your event, Filson Water, LLC has you covered for all of your beverage needs. We can help give your 16.9 oz. bottle a customized design, and bottle our pure water for your event. Delivery is available across the country, or you can pick up your bottled water at our facility on Route 11, between Carlisle and Mechanicsburg.
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Brand Your Own Bottle

Coffee & Tea

Filson Water, LLC can meet all of your bottled water, coffee, and tea needs. Select from our popular brands of coffee, sugars, and creamers, and we will deliver our commercial brew stations to your business or event! To learn more about our BYOB products and process call 717-979-0841