Team Managers

Bill Hedrick, DI Plant Manager

Bill manages our DI plant production and maintenance.  He records each step of the process to ensure that our extensive quality control requirements are met.  In addition, Bill is responsible for the safety and implementation of new tanks into service.

Justin Hable, Residential Service Manager

Justin is responsible for residential sales and service.  His duties include maintaining our extensive customer list, training, problem-solving, and organizing inventory.  In addition, he does water testing and in-home sales.

Dave Over, DI Service Manager

Dave manages the deionization exchange tank delivery service.  This requires maintaining equipment in labs, hospitals, food processing plants, and manufacturing companies.  He is also involved in the training of personnel in other branches.

Dave Baker, DI Service Manager - Allentown

Dave has over 20 years of technical service and sales experience within the water quality industry.  Deve began his career installing and servicing the pharmaceutical, industrial, and commercial deionization markets.  He now is an ATS representative and is developing DI business in the Allentown area.