How AquaPro Can Benefit Your Home and Family in Central PA


Health Benefits

Think of all the chemicals, dirt and food we dump into our sinks and disposal systems. The germs and chemicals that are tossed down our sinks every day, stay in the water source until filtered and removed. AquaPro helps remove harsh chemicals and minerals, and recycle back to you; pure, clean, and healthy water. Our filtration system guarantees to produce your home or business with plentiful and pure water at an affordable price with our POE (point of entry) and POU (point of use) filtration system. By using a combination of both, AquaPro will help ensure the health of your family through your everyday use of water.

It is our mission to help improve your water quality, ensure your families health, and save you long term water costs. If you can better the lives of your family and yourself while still saving money, then why wouldn't you? Our information is easy and free and is considered by our customers to be priceless. We hope you will allow us to help you get the information with no obligation. Kindest regards from Filson Water and AquaPRO.

Home Benefits


Untreated hard water can cause a build up of mineral deposits that will destroy your home's plumbing pipes, water heaters, and fixtures adding up to costly plumbing repairs. AquaPro removes all of the minerals from the hard water, creating pure clean water that will not cause mineral build ups. When the water that is flowing through your house is free of minerals your plumbing will last the life time of your home.


Have pulled out your "clean dishes" only to find hard water stains on your dishes? Do you avoid drinking tap water because you can taste the bad minerals? When you use AquaPro filtered water your water is cleaner and pure from any harsh minerals and chemicals. By removing these hard minerals and harsh chemicals from your water source cooking with water becomes easier and faster, helping you save money on your energy bills.


How many hours a day do you spend cleaning your house? According to an independent study households that use conditioned water spend up to 80 hours less cleaning time per year. Imagine what you could do with all that spare time!

When you use conditioned water you are exposing your home to fewer chemicals on a regular basis. So your home will be cleaner for longer! All of the best cleaning companies use only conditioned water because they understand the benefits of providing you with a deeper and more natural clean.

Household Savings

Pure water is the most natural cleaner in the world. When you have affordable treated water running through your home you are helping protect your plumbing system, and spending less on every day cleaners.
How Pure Water Can Save You Money — Water Treatment  in Carlisle,PA
With AquaPro systems we can help you extend the life of your water tanks. When you have hard water running through your home and tanks, they leave behind mineral deposit build ups that can clog and damage your tank resulting in costly repairs and replacements. AquaPro water conditioners remove all of the minerals in your water and practically eliminating the chances of mineral build-ups destroying your water tank.

With AquaPro conditioned water you can save at least 60% up to 80% on every day costs such as soaps, detergents, cleaners, and more. With pure water you will notice that your skin is softer, your clothes are cleaner, and your food and drinks taste cleaner.